Make This Valentine Day Box

valentines day! A bit pre-mature, i do agree, but I think that what we can also agree on is that a month will be here, and gone before we know it. it’s indeed hard to believe that we are already 2 weeks deep into this new year!

Valentine’s day traditionally is reserved for lovers! Maybe you immediately think of a fancy dinner,  fresh flowers, or the ultimate demise of New Years Resolutions in the form of Chocolate covered everything!  However, Valentine’s are not just for our ‘special someone’, it’s for our special EVERYONE’s!  it’s a wonderful  excuse to blatantly, and cheese-ish-ly proclaim our love and devotion (and even appreciation) to our friends, kiddos, parents, kids’ teachers, and yep—even those we visit teach (wink).  I have a whole variety of ideas and inspirations up my sleeve to share between now and Feb 14th, so may as well kick things off with this beautiful project.


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